Born in Montreal, Quebec (Canada), Joanne Brouard is currently studying for an
Arts & Technology undergraduate program at Université de Sherbrooke in Quebec.
She has also completed a Visual Arts program at Cégep de Rivière-du-Loup following a career in communications. Her work has been presented at several solo and group exhibitions
- and as temporary public art - and is included in private
collections and in the City of
permanent collection. She received an award for the
Abstract Painting category 
at the Expo-concours de La Prairie, and is a
recipient of the 
People's Choice Award at the Centre d'arts visuels
in Magog, where she lives and works.


Brouard uses a combination of traditional art practices and technological tools to

express her perception of space, a topic that has preoccupied her since childhood.

Her work evokes intimacy and movement in restrictive environments.


Having lived in both Quebec (French language) and Ontario (English language), she
has quickly come to appreciate mixing, blending, and re-creating. Nothing is more interesting and satisfying to her than the discovery of an incongruous and seemingly incompatible association. A p
erpetual movement, despite limitations.

CV upon request