Born in Montreal, Quebec (Canada), Joanne Brouard completed
her studies in visual arts at Cégep de Rivière-du-Loup following a career in communications. Her work has been presented at several solo and group exhibitions and is included in permanent and private collections. She was the recipient of the People's Choice Award at the
Centre d'arts visuels in Magog, where she lives and works.


Brouard uses a combination of traditional artistic practices and technological tools to express a reflection on the concept of community and diversity. Her ink-on-paper paintings may appear simple, but they are the result of a complex reflective technique. Sketches are first realized using a computer, then recreated by hand with a variety of conventional and non-conventional tools.


Only two colours are used, besides black and white: indigo, which refers to technology, and sienna, for tradition. Different, yet inseparable. Always searching for harmony with randomness and natural phenomena, Brouard achieves a partially controlled, delicate, minimal, and intimate visual treatment. Her work seems suspended on the white watercolour paper. It draws away from traditional painting and established artistic conventions, much like tomorrow's society.

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